Honey Types:
Local Local    Regional Wildflower    Cotton    Orange Blossom
Buckwheat    Clover    Mesquite    Watermelon 

All varieties are $8 a pound.
We have a several sizes of honey containers ranging from 2.5 ounces to 1 gallon sizes. 

We are producing 6 different varieties of creamed honey.  We start out by producing our Regular Creamed Honey and before it thickens we seperate it to create our other varieties: Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Hatch Chile and Cinnamon.  There is no artificial flavoring added to our creamed honey - just fruit for the berry and chile varieties and an essential oil for the cinnamon.  All 6 varieties are sold in 1 pound jars for $10.

We sell Honey Bee Pollen in an 8 ounce jar for $16 and 4 ounce jar for $8.00.  We recommend that you take 1/8 teaspoon of pollen per day when you first start taking pollen and allow 7-10 days for your body to start working with the pollen.  After 7-10 days, you can increase the amount by 1/8 teaspoon and again allow time for your body to adjust to the new amount.  We do not believe you need more than 1/2 teaspoon in 1 days time.

We also carry a great assortment of Honey Straws.  Honey Straws are plastic drinking straws filled with honey and sealed at both ends.  They are easily opened by bitting against the seal on one end while squeezing the other end to force the honey up out of the bitten end.  We actually have 20 flavors, 3 natural honey varieties and 17 flavored varieties.  They include:

Natural Varieties - Clover, Orange Blossom and Wildflower

Flavored Varieties - Lemon, Lime, Raspberry, Sour Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach, Watermelon, Piña Colada, Orange, Banana, Root Beer, Apple, Cherry, Strawberry, Grape, Pink Lemonade and Cinnamon.

Our products can be found at one of the following locations:  

Melissa Feed & Seed                             ​      Local Yocal in McKinney             
Braddock Chiropractic in Van Alstyne          Hedges Nursery in Whitesboro   
Mr. Boba Tea in McKinney                            The Heard Museum in McKinney
Richardson Merchantile                                Frisco Merchantile
Main Street Mall in Denison                         Old Town Meat Market in Lewisville
City Drug in Van Alystne                               Elke's Market Café in Allen
Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar in Plano and Las Colinas
The Green Market in Sherman

You can also find us at the following Farmer's Markets and Trade Days:

Chestnut Square FM in McKinney on Sat 8 am - 12 pm 
Frisco Rotary FM in Frisco on 1st and 3rd Sat 8 am - 12 pm (April - Oct)
First Monday Trade Days in Canton - Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney - Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Willowbend Market in Plano - Saturday 9am - 2 pm
Railcar Farmers Market in Van Alstyne - 4pm - 7pm
Lavon Farms Farmers Market in Plano - 2nd and 4th Sat 2 pm - 6 pm 

We will also attend special events in Oklahoma throughout the year so please contact us anytime to see if we are headed to your area anytime soon.

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