About AP's Apiaries

Hello, I'm AP and I'm the owner of AP's Apiaries. As I mentioned on the Home page, my grandfather was very involved with beekeeping and I started it up again as a hobby after college. I have been keeping bees since 1999, and there have been many challenges to resolve but I have loved every minute of it. I now share this beekeeping adventure with my wife, Simone. Originally from Brazil, we will travel there to see her family often which has provided opportunities to work with different honey bees. I have worked briefly with the bees there. One unique bee species is the Jatai. It is about the size of a mosquito and they do not sting. Their honey is a sour honey but known to have good medicinal benefits. She has learned a lot in the few years that we’ve been married and I know she will continue to learn with more bee yard experience.  

I receive a lot of questions regarding my company name “AP’s Apiaries” so to help explain it a little here’s how it came to be. My full name Anthony Paul was truncated to AP when I was in Jr High by my coach. My friends picked up on the initials quickly and I’ve been known as “AP” ever since. Apiary is a very common term in the beekeeping industry as it is Latin for Bee Yard – root word being “Apis” which simply means “Bee”. The name just rolls off your tongue, “AP’s Apiaries” as you say it. The words and letters go together very well so my company name just makes sense.  
I've been involved with Collin County Hobby Beekeepers by serving as President, Vice President and Delegate and the Texas Beekeepers Association as a Director. I've spent a lot of time helping others in their bee yards so I could learn new techniques or maintenance practices or teach others what I have learned. I currently maintain the observation hive at the Heard Museum in McKinney, Texas. I also attend several different events throughout the Dallas area in support of beekeeping to educate the public. I will openly admit that I do not know everything about beekeeping and I don't think that I ever will. So I will keep an open mind to new technologies and techniques that may improve the industry.  

 Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and reading my short little bio page.


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